Learn how to do a Threat Assessment of your home, office, or retreat location in just 15 minutes even if you have no intelligence or security experience.

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15-Minute Threat Assessment Guide

What You'll Get:

- 15-Minute Threat Assessment Guide: After doing dozens of Area Studies, I found that the two most important Threat Assessment tools also provide the best overview of an area's major threats and hazards. Plus, they can be done in 15 minutes or less. This will tell you exactly what you should be preparing for.

- 15-Minute Threat Assessment Training Video: To demonstrate how effective these two simple exercises are, I've recorded a video that walks you through this process. These two exercises will help you identify and assess the exact scenarios and conditions you need to prepare for.

Bonus #1 - Area Intelligence Organizer

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What You'll Get:

- Area Intelligence Organizer: Keep all your Area Study documents in this binder designed to help you organize things like threat assessments, maps, contingency plans, and other vital information.

Bonus #2 - Threat Analysis Worksheets

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What You'll Get:

- Threat Profile Template: This worksheet contains the eight operational areas of a threat group and helps you piece together the relevant information in order to determine a threat level.

- CARVER Matrix: Use this matrix in order to determine your vulnerability to a threat or attack. This is the same matrix used by special operations forces to determine the effects of operations.

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